Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9/11 15 years and counting!

This Sunday marks the anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 and the attack of Al Qaeda operatives on the United States. While this was not the beginning of the cultural war within Islam nor its first assault on Western culture and the USA as the expression of that culture, 9/11 has marked a new chapter in global realities. Billy Hoffman has called for a focused day in this email to me. His email is copied below.


I'm sending this email to you as a friend and fellow follower of Jesus Christ. I know I risk being considered crazy but I believe it's worth it. I’ve done crazy things for less noble causes – like jumping out of a classroom window because of a dare from a junior high classmate with the promise of a dollar from him if I did it.

My NATIONAL PRAYER OF REPENTANCE AND PLEA FOR DELIVERANCE is below with my request for you to join me in an act of humility and repentance before God throughout September.

Sunday, September 11, 2016 is the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on our nation. Since that time have the citizens of our nation moved closer to living as Christ would have us? Instead, we seem to have increased our rush toward moral decline and national destruction.

There is no political solution. We will only be saved if we position ourselves to receive an act of the Holy Spirit sweeping through our land awakening us all to the reality of God's holy wrath against sin and demonstrate our willingness to trust and live holy before Him. This is not about hating those who oppose Christianity but being willing to suffer ridicule, or more, for His name. It’s time to join our fellow believers around the world who are suffering for our Lord Jesus.

I'm asking you to do the following:

1. Daily and sincerely pray the prayer below (provide your own edits so it truly reflects the cry of your heart) throughout the remainder of September.

2. Wear black to church on Sunday, September 11, 2016 to demonstrate you're in mourning for the conditions in this nation.

3. Enter a time, that's appropriate for you, of fasting from food - one day, or multiple days, a week, one meal a day for a number of days, etc. and let the hunger pains remind you of your spiritual hunger for God's presence in you and among us.

3. Share this with others you believe will participate.

Perhaps God will hear from heaven and heal our land.

Do not feel obligated to respond to this email to indicate your plans to participate.


“O LORD God, from whom our spiritual forefathers sought guidance and grace as they ventured to this continent to establish a land where they could worship You freely. They came to escape tyrannical governments which sought to imprison them or force them to violate their conscience in order to avoid government prescribed punishment.

"Are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You?" (2 Chronicles 20:6) Are You not our God, who raised up godly leaders and through divine providence founded a nation incorporating biblical principles of justice and freedom in its constitution so citizens can fully enjoy a life of pursuing true happiness?

Does this not extend to those who refuse to acknowledge Your existence or choose to reject You and Your free gift of eternal life? Have they not enjoyed all the benefits of the material prosperity You continue to bestow on this nation as You raised it to become the greatest and most prosperous in the history of the world?

Lord Jesus, forgive us, Your people, who are called by Your name, as we have elected leaders who love power more than purity and we who call You our God have chosen temporal wealth and benefits over eternal blessings.

The government of the United States of America has become like those from which our forefathers fled to seek a new life in a new land. However, Lord Jesus, there is nowhere on earth left to go where such refuge from this tyranny can be found. We can only flee to You for deliverance from such oppression and seek Your forgiveness for failing to make disciples in our land of the generations from its founding to this day.

Purify Your church and make ready Your bride to receive You. We repent and will seek to obey Your commands to Love God supremely, to love others as ourselves, and to make disciples of all peoples. We will pursue this until our last breath.

And now, the citizens who reject Your sovereignty, yet, who enjoy this free land - here they are, rewarding us by coming to force us to choose to accept wicked living as normal or lose our rights as citizens of this free land. O our God, will You allow such intolerance to become normative for our nation? As in previous centuries, can Your Spirit not speak directly to the hearts of this generation in our country which results in a revival of biblical faith and practice among us?

We have no power against the massive statist indoctrination of the most recent generations and the multitudes which have never witnessed Your power and who seek to remake America; "nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” (2 Chronicles 20:12)

Save our nation, O Jesus, and show Your name great to this generation!

In Your name we pray, Amen.

May I suggest that you interact with this in accord with your concerns.

Grace for the day,

Mike Edens

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