Sunday, February 10, 2013

This first of eight weeks of the project brought home to me, again, the importance of relationships and networking. As I wait for the Sunday morning service's scheduled start time (Arab world Friday and Sunday Evening Worship is on a par with U.S. Sunday AM), I've been thinking about how our lives intertwine. On two occasions this week I reconnected relationships which are needed for all parties to be fruitful. Walking in Tahrir Friday with the throngs wanting to hope for governmental re-formation such as Tunisia's experience this week, I met an Egyptian political activist who longed for connection with the American people and was confused by American government's (past and present) inclination to invest in political entities rather than in the people. The old Egyptian solution to all of this is, "shai" --a cup of tea. Sit down and converse. I realize that that is what I'm trying to do from by "base camp" in Cairo. Converse with faith family who through prayer are vital members in what I am seeking to accomplish. So, this morning or whenever you can slow life down just a bit, sit down with someone vital to you and converse. By the way
, how was your week, friend? ProfMike

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