Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Give me Liberty...

Liberation Square-that’s a good translation for Tahrir Midan. The name comes from the largely bloodless overthrow of the last Egyptian King, Farouk who was really a puppet for the Brits. To celebrate their victory, the first leaders of modern Egypt named the center of the city Tahrir-Liberation. So it is that masses of Egyptians who feel their government is not really theirs have used the square for revolt for the past two years. As I walked among them and listened, I felt that the spirit of the Boston tea party, or the Minute men was animating them. I also felt once again reform and revolution must be constant processes if they are to succeed. Even being liberated from the power and penalty of my sin/s by Christ, I need to pray and watch, lest I become compromised with forces set on removing Him from my heart’s throne. Walk with me through this physical revolution which has not run it’s course yet.
A lot is going on both for and against your side all the time. Notice the chairs. Is revolution a spectator sport? There were as many people observing as there were conferring about what to do next. On the wall outside of the science building [pictured below] of American University of Cairo (Actually most of the teaching takes place on the desert campus established several years ago.), you will notice three things: 1. communication (In this case notable personal suffering is immortalized.) 2. Heroes are identified. 3. The broken glass in the science building demonstrates that everyone suffers together. Or another way there is always collateral damage in rebellions.
The AUC library(below) became a communication channel.
The flags are flying and folks are just waiting for the next event whichever way the wind blows.

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