Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well you will note the lack of pictures in this post. That doesn't mean that I didn't want to share some of the events of the day. Instead it means I was looking instead of being alert to being "cased" by a pickpocket. When I pulled my trusty LG lucid wonder gismo (phone, pdf, camera and more) out to snap one last picture near the Maadi Road 9 Metro station and slipped it back in my "secure" front pants pocket, I was unaware that I was being sized up and set up. One of the bumps and jostles between that moment and arrival back "home" was cover for a deft and experienced hand lifting the camera out of my pocket. So, you will have verbal images from now on accompanied by a few ipad stills. All because I was not focused on what was happening to me. Trust me it could have been much worse-my backpack had the hardware for the whole project in it. My other front pocket had my clip with credit cards and Egyptian cash. I need to retrieve the skill I once had in walking "with myself" sounds sorta psycho but it isn't. It's the art of really experiencing your environment instead of just walking through it. We try to teach this in prayer walking. See the people around you and lift them up to the Father. Being Alert. One of my favorite passage of the Bible Isa 40 closes with vs 31 "they that wait or hope or focus on the Lord renew their strength.... Today I visited with several people who have been hoping and waiting for that which has not come and as it were their wings are crushed. How precious it is for you and I to have brothers and sisters here in the midst of this "storm" who are living billboards for the peace, joy and hope found in God though Christ Jesus. As I visited with one of them and he shared what God's Egyptian team is doing to prepare for the possibly deepening storm, in retrospect I apply the lesson of my pickpocket. Our Christian family here is ALERT the thief is trying to steal souls Christ died to save and they, the church, are working hard while it is still day that in making Christ known God might snatch the hopeless and helpless from darkness into the Kingdom of Light in Jesus Christ. May we all be alert while it is still day.


  1. Hmm, after all these years of not being a pastor you still have that "sermonic mind" - seeing life as illustrations. :-) <3

  2. I can run but I cannot hide from you, soulmate